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GI Health Panel™ by DiagnosTechs (stool & saliva) - Candida Plan LLC

GI Health Panel™ by DiagnosTechs (stool & saliva)


GI Health Panel™ by DiagnosTechs (stool & saliva)

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Product Description

The Diagnos-Techs™ Gastrointestinal (GI) Health Panels are non-invasive screens of the GI system and its function. They include 15-22 individual, yet related tests.

Stool and saliva samples are submitted after convenient at-home collection. The GI Health Panels combine pathogen testing, inflammatory markers and other lab measures of possible disease or dysfunction for a comprehensive evaluation of GI health.


The GI-1 panel screens for:



Bacteria– to look for infectious organisms (including H. pylori) and to help evaluate balance of “good and bad” bacteria in the gut.

Fungi and yeast– to identify overgrowth of yeast (including Candida) and fungi that may be associated with GI symptoms.

Parasites– with both microscopic evaluation of samples and identification of immune markers of infection.

Antibodies to gluten– to evaluate potential benefit of gluten-free diet.

Digestive function markers

Markers of intestinal inflammation

Fecal occult blood– to look for GI bleeding.

Total sIgA– to evaluate function of immune barrier in the GI tract.


The GI Health Panels may be helpful for determining the underlying cause of:



• Chronic or vague abdominal pain or discomfort

• Gas or bloating

• Constipation

• Diarrhea or loose stools

• Abdominal cramping

• Heartburn or GERD


Mode of Transmission and Risk Factors

The predominant method of transmission of parasites is the fecal–oral route. This can occur through hand contact with infected individuals or via contaminated water, soil or food. Many parasites are highly transmissible within a household environment. All family members should be tested if one member is positive for a GI infection.


People with suppressed immunity are at risk for longer and more serious GI infections. Individuals receiving chemotherapy for cancer are very susceptible to parasitic infections. Medications commonly used for autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, can also lead to a higher risk of infections. Frequent or excessive antibiotic use can render the GI tract more susceptible to chronic overgrowth of harmful microorganisms.


You may benefit from a GI Health Panel if you:

• Frequently travel within the United States and/or overseas

• Frequently eat outside the home

• Are exposed to feces (e.g., cat litter box)

• Prepare or handle food

• Work in a hospital or other healthcare setting

• Go hiking or camping

• Live in a dormitory

• Work with young children or have a child who attends daycare

• Have a history of frequent or broad-spectrum antibiotic use

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